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Ultra-Downspout Guard Standard Refill Enlarge View
Ultra-Downspout Guard Standard Refill

Ultra-Downspout Guard Standard Refill


Remove pollutants from stormwater flow in gutters and downspouts. Special X-Tex oil-absorbing material removes oil, grease and other hydrocarbons from gutter and downspout water flow. Quick and easy to install on most downspouts. Polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode – lasts a long time in use. Filter material is easily removed and replaced. New Heavy-Metal Removal Model uses a custom filter media blend to remove zinc, lead, copper and other harmful heavy metals from downspout water flow. Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Compliance: 40 CFR 122.26 and SPCC.

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Item No. 10172425
1 - 3$162.95 (EA)
4 - 6$156.45 (EA)
7 +$149.95 (EA)
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Ultra-Downspout Guard - Weight: 32 pounds (14.5 kg)
Standard Refill for Ultra-Downspout Guard - Weight: 11 pounds (5 kg)
Total absorption capacity:  8 gallons (31 L) of hydrocarbons

Heavy-Metal Removal Model, Standard - Weight: 47 pounds (21.5 kg)
Heavy-Metal Removal Model, Large - Weight: 69 pounds (31 kg)
Heavy-Metal Removal Refill, Standard (Set of 4) - Weight: 112 pounds (51 kg)
Heavy-Metal Removal Refill, Large (Set of 4) - Weight: 192 pounds (87 kg)